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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Summer Box Office Duds

Historically, Memorial Day Weekend has been the biggest movie weekend of the year, kicking off blockbuster season. Even just two years ago, Top Gun: Maverick became the highest-grossing Memorial Day Weekend release of all time. This year, the summer blockbuster kick-off was an absolute dud — becoming the worst performing Memorial Day Weekend box office in the last 30 years....

The Comeback of Long-Form Video Content - photo
The Comeback of Long-Form Video Content

At launch, TikTok started out as a mobile-only platform for 15-second videos. Since then, the app has been downloaded 2.7 billion times worldwide — becoming a global phenomenon that changed video marketing forever — and has evolved into so much more. Meanwhile, every major video platform has sought to mimic the success of the short-form video content giant. Instagram Reels,...

A woman is taking a video of her packaging product for marketing purposes.
To Video or Not to Video?

To Video or Not to Video? The way we consume and produce media is evolving daily. One of the most powerful forms of media that is shaping the way we take in information is video. From tutorials, informational, or even commercials video is one of the most engaging and popular ways to intake media very quickly. According to a study by...