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Healthcare Marketing

Someone sits at a table typing on a laptop. Images of graphs and charts are imposed over the keyboard
How to Adjust Digital Advertising Budget for Inflation

As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing your business to attract new customers and stay competitive in your industry. However, with inflation on the rise, it’s important to adjust your digital advertising budget to ensure that you’re still receiving the same level of return on investment. In this blog, we’ll explore how to adjust your business’s digital...

a man talks to a healthcare worker at a table in an office setting
The Power Of Patient Testimonials

We read an article questioning the importance of patient testimonials in healthcare marketing. The author made a vague claim that healthcare content “seems to be geared to specific patient experiences” rather than “provide readers with factual information on health-related topics” to reach target audiences. The author argued that, in participating in the latter, the content and its source become trustworthy. As...

A man is holding his smartphone and smiling at it while holding a coffee in the other hand. A search bar with the phrase "PPC" is graphically laid on top of the image.
Navigating PPC Advertising for Medical Practices

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising offers an effective way to reach a targeted audience actively seeking medical services. However, the competitive nature of the healthcare industry in the digital space requires a strategic approach to make the most of your PPC campaigns. Here are some essential tips and strategies to help medical practices navigate PPC advertising successfully. Set Clear Goals Before diving into PPC...

a doctor goes over health information on his tablet with a patient.
What’s the Difference? Patient Experience, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Engagement

Patient experience, satisfaction and engagement are intertwined, but each has slightly different nuances. In today’s age of medical consumerism, patients are taking a more active role in their healthcare, which means that patient expectations are elevated. They want more. They demand more. And their opinions matter more.  What Is Patient Experience? Patient experience, as defined by the Beryl Institute, is “the sum...